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Last Tuesday SteakVine was invited to check out what can only be described as an ‘eating experience’ with SteakStones.

SteakStones SteakVine


SteakStones are the masters behind the lava hot stone cooking slab. Cooking your steak on the stone offers a unique experience. Not only can you cook your steak exactly how you like it, it provides an almost theatrical element to your fine dinning experience.

After work I jumped on a train to Reigate to find out more. Over an hour later, I found myself walking down a deserted high street in the middle of Surrey. I had no idea what to expect – was I going to a shop showroom where I would be standing around whilst someone demonstrates how to cook steak? Far from it… I was welcomed into the Steak Stones warehouse with a glass of champagne from the charming Jacqueline. She runs her own Cordon Bleu catering company as well as covering the marketing and sales for SteakStones.

Nick and Jacqueline

Nick and Jacqueline

Nick, the owner, took one look at me and said, “you don’t look like you eat a lot of steak.” Ha, I’m not quite sure what he was expecting!

The evening was utterly delightful. I’m glad I had no expectations because it was lovely to be surprised at every opportunity.

Amongst the other diners were food bloggers and stylists, caterers and top chefs. Nick has a dream to provide steaks sizzling on the stone for hundreds of guests at weddings. Where were you when I was planning my wedding Nick? He currently sells the stones through his site directly to people like you and me, to restaurants and to catering companies.


Our party for the evening

To whet our appetites, we had a selection of Italian meets. Yum

steak vine

Italian Meat Board

Then we were invited to move next door where we admired the dinning room.

Steak vine

The Dinning Room

Jacqueline brought the steaks down one by one, is there really anything more tantalising than the sound of a juicy piece of meat sizzling on a stone?

steak vine

Bagsey that one please!

It was amazing! The way it works is that your steak comes raw and it cooks in front of you, whilst you talk, drink and of course, eat it. You can cook it to your perfection – rare, medium rare, well done, or a bit of all… The lava stone means that even after 25 minutes, it’s still a tender medium rare. Nick thinks fillet works best so that was our treat for the evening.

steak vine

May the dinning begin

For sides we had chips, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and 3 sauces to play with. Of course, if you buy one of these slabs you can have whatever you like. You can even cook lamb, venison, swordfish or tuna on them. The world is your oyster…

Steak vine

Thoroughly enjoying myself

steak vine

Delicious fillet

steak vine

Cooking it to perfection

Conversation revolved around all things steak, of course. It was great to meet such wonderful people all passionate about food in their own areas of expertise.

There was more! Jacqueline had prepared a delicious chocolate and ginger torte, it was divine.

Steak stones


More wine and conversations flowed…

steak stones

Having fun decanting the wine

steak vine

Love wine

Eventually I had to say my goodbyes and head back to London. It was a school night after all.

Thank you Steak Stones, I had a wonderful, delicious and entertaining evening.

If you want to try it for yourself, check out their products – would make a fantastic Christmas present.


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