Medium-Rare Ribeye

SteakVine On Tour

Do you make it a tradition to eat steak when you visit new countries?

Some of our favourite steak experiences have been whilst travelling abroad in places like Paris, Budapest and San Sebastian. This week we were in Dublin for The Web Summit, now we all know how tired and ravenous conferences can make you feel. Two days of pitching to people, networking, listening and learning is all work that uses a huge amount of energy. In addition we had not had a real meal since Tuesday lunch. We had planned to go for dinner but the daily Night Summit parties distracted us. This meant that when the show closed on Thursday evening there was only one thing on our minds.

What’s the best steak place in Dublin?

F.X Buckley Dublin

F.X Buckley Dublin

A quick hunt on Google led us to believe that F.X Buckley was a clear winner, we harnessed the crew and headed over there for dinner at 8:30pm to see for ourselves.

From the moment we walked through the door we were enveloped in a feeling of comfort that these guys took their steak seriously. There were huge hunks of meat hanging in the glass cabinet by the window, on display to all who were brave enough to walk past and turn down the offer of steak.

F.X Buckley

Displaying their steaks in the window

Meat par excellence

Setting high standards

With a company slogan of ‘Steak and drinks par excellence’ we were excited to experience the delights that lay in store.

It took forever for us to decide what to eat, with 10oz, 14oz, 16oz and 22oz options, on and off the bone it’s not a surprise! “It’s got to be the Ribeye…what size you going for?” and then the sides….  there were crispy cajun onions, chunky fries, buttered greens, prawns. I want to go back and choose all over again!

Helping you choose

Love the signs helping you choose

Explaining where the cuts are from in the menu

Explaining where the cuts are from

Finally, we had decided. As the only girl on the table I was first to order. “Ladies first” Charley said, how chivalrous.

“Could I please have…” our patient waiter started scribbling away on his pad… “T-Bone on the bone, chunky fries, Bearnaise sauce and steamed greens”.

“Is that all?” Chirped in Charley. I did say the conference was ravenous work!

The food was divine! I normally go for ribeye but decided to walk on the wild side this time and chose the T-Bone.

The moment of enjoyment has arrived

The moment of enjoyment has arrived

T-Bone with crispy cajun onions

T-Bone with crispy cajun onions

Whilst I enjoyed my meal no end and couldn’t fault it, after I tried some of Charley’s ribeye, I did have a pang of regret. His ribeye was cooked to perfection and just tasted better. It’s the meaty, juicy, full of flavour taste that I feel you can only get from ribeye. The colour of his steak was unbelievable, the cut and size of it both exquisitely perfect.

Just a little excited about his ribeye

Just a little excited about his ribeye

Ribeye at F.X Buckley

Ribeye at F.X Buckley

Medium-Rare Ribeye

Medium-Rare Ribeye

Savouring every mouthful

Savouring every mouthful

Alex had a sirloin blue – that was also really, really good.

We opted for house red and white wines, both delightful.

The service was fantastic.

Really couldn’t fault it.

Our crew

Our crew

We talked about our steaks a fair bit, comparing and sharing (just a little).  Out of our party of seven, four of us work together and the others we had met on the first night of the conference. This was our third and final night by which point we had all become good friends, I couldn’t have imagined a better way to celebrate and spend the evening.

Thank you F.X Buckley, our experience was wonderful and we will be sure to recommend to anyone in Dublin with a passion for the finest steak in town.

MeaMeat cleavers for door handles!

Meat cleavers for door handles!

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