FlatIron, Soho

Last Saturday we decided to treat ourselves and continue our search for the hottest cow in the capital. Well, we couldn’t let you down now could we!

We’ve been on FlatIron’s mailing list since they were a pop up restaurant in an East London pub but not yet had the chance to head down and sample their goods.

The time had come. 


The moment we walked in we were pleasantly surprised. Warm, welcoming and dedicated purely to one thing – good steak with great service.

On a daily basis we are confronted we hundreds of choices. Upon walking into FlatIron I instantly felt relaxed and relished in the fact that they only have one option, one steak on the menu. Fab, now I can cosy up in the corner, wait for my wine to arrive and trust the chef to deliver me my steak, cooked to perfection. A la Chef’s Choice. 


They even had Sophie’s Salad on the menu so it was easy to choose our sides! (My name is Sophie!) I’ll have one of everything please… Don’t judge, it all looked so good and I’m still replenishing the stores after having completed an Ironman race a week ago.




The whole restaurant has a rustic, off-the-beaten-track feel to it. 

It didn’t take long for our steaks to arrive on wooden chopping boards accompanied by a big chopping knife. 


Juicy, well seasoned and delicious. That delightful grill taste we can never seem to replicate at home. 




Each chopping board of steak came with a house salad and a light, lemon dressing.

We shared chips and roasted aubergine with tomato, basil and parmesan. The Bearnaise sauce wasn’t for sharing 🙂


After we had consumed everything we talked about how this compared to other steak restaurants. It was an easy decision to make, we are fans (especially when we saw the bill).


FlatIron was an absolute pleasure. We loved the food, vibe and the cost.

We traded £40 for 2 glasses of wine, 2 steaks and 3 sides. In Soho. Not all that common.


The portion size was ideal for a Saturday afternoon lunch.

If you are looking for a lunch, dinner or date option this is the place to go.

If you are looking for the chateaubriand, wine and dine ’til you bust, splash some cash option… stay tuned as we review some of the top steakhouses in town. The Hawksmoor, Buen Ayre, Goodmans… we’re on our way!



After lunch we wandered over to Wardour Street to satisfy our sweet tooths! There are many wonderful bakeries there but the chocolate brownies from Gails are rich and gooey so we went for these. Naughty! But worth it…


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